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   Diversified Metalsmiths, Inc. is a precision foundry (metal caster) offering both investment castings and no-bake sand castings in a vast array of alloys and configurations. DMI's investment foundry can produce any size casting up to 150 lbs. We can provide titanium investment castings up to 80 lbs. Our no-bake sand foundry can cast parts up to 350 lbs. We can supply small runs, large production runs, and anything in between. We also offer rapid prototyping, and we will soon be capable of reverse engineering of existing parts. With many choices in finish, treating, welding and machining, DMI is a complete source for your casting needs. Thank you for visiting our home on the web.

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Alloys Poured:  Stainless Steel, Carbon and Low Alloy Steel, Titanium and Zirconium, Nickel Base (Hastelloy®, Monel®, Inconel®, etc.), Cobalt Base (Stellite®, Tribaloy®, etc.), Copper Base (Brass and Bronze), Aluminum,  and Grey Iron

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e-mail: john3@dmi-castings.com

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