Manufacturing Facilities and Equipment

New (2000) 18,000 Square Foot (150 X 120) Metal Construction
1,850 Square Foot Office and Engineering
Wax Injection and Assembly
5500 Square Foot Environmentally Controlled Including Wax and Shelling
Five Pattern Wax Injection Machines 
Including Dedicated Soluble Machine
Two Wax Assembly Workstations


Shelling - Non Reactive Alloys
Primary Slurry - 36 Rotating
Rainfall Primary Stucco
Backup Slurry - 36 Rotating
Rainfall Secondary Stucco
Fluidized Bed Backup Stucco
Shelling - Reactive Alloys
Primary Slurry - 24 Vacuum Rotating
Rainfall Barrel Primary Stucco
Backup Slurry - 24 Rotating
24 Fluidized Bed Backup Stucco
Hand Dipping - Unimate Robotic Dipping - Cart/Conveyor Drying
Autoclave Dewax System
Sand Production
Palmer Continuous Mixer
Three Part Phenolic Urethane Binder System
Cope and Drag, Match Plate, and Loose Patterns
Coreless Induction
400 lb. Box Tilt
No. 80 Crucible Drop Coil
Vacuum Consumable Electrode
Two Units - Reactive Metals
80 lbs. Titanium Capacity
Alloys Poured: Steel, Stainless Steel, Grey Iron, Nickel Base, Cobalt Base,
Copper Base, Aluminum, Titanium

3D Systems Thermojet Solid Modeling System and CAD Software

  • Can produce 3-D wax models from a CAD drawing that investment cast in any alloy.

  • Can create tooling models from a CAD drawing of a part that can be investment cast.

  • Can create an infinite number of revisions without changing tooling.

Jarrell Ash Vacuum Spectrometer w/Ward Software Control System
48 Element Channels 
Base Metals include: Iron, Nickel, Copper, Aluminum, Cobalt and Titanium.
Leco Carbon Determinator

           Very accurate analysis of carbon content in metal

Non Destructive Testing
Krautkramer-Branson USN-50 Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Equipment
Liquid Penetrant Examination
Visual Inspection
Leak Testing
Outsourced Radiographic and Magnetic Particle Testing
Heat Treating - Static to 2200 Deg. F - Water and Air Quench - Atmosphere Controlled and HIP Outsourced
Welding - SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, Brazing and Vacuum Weld Bubble
Cleaning - Steel and Stainless Shot Blasting,  Abrasive Grit and Glass Bead, Chemical Leaching and Passivation

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